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  • Nov 24, 2005
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  • Speech will never take off because of what James R. said in his article. No gloves, goggles or electronic jumpsuits because of what martunibo said. I agree sudarkoff, people want to touch and feel and interact with their computer, which is another reason voice won't take off. Pshhh.. voice has been around for a while (since OS 9) and it hasn't taken off. Some people like it, but it's such a limited market. Also .. if you want to write a private email, you won't want to say it out loud. Gosh you people have to think about the average user. What do they want? They don't want an obsticle or something they have to learn. They want the input device to feel like it should, to just work and go away when they don't need it. It needs to fit with a human, and humans use their hands. Two things that humans do most is looking and touching. I think that the next truely great input device will be the elimination of the mouse. Holographic screens that let you touch and feel. Think TRUE drag and drop. Something like Minority Report without the gloves. No implants either... just hands. Computers will use heat sensors to detect human touch. Actually, scrap that, I have no idea how they'll do it. But all this "I'm going to put on goggles, gloves or sit on my couch and tell my computer what to do" is crap. When people can touch your files and actually move them around, that will be the next step. As for the eye-mouse-control .... wtf? I don't want the cursor following my eye! What if I want to look at something detailed, and then all-of-a-sudden, the cursor is covering it. Then you'd need some way to click. With blinking? Or maybe a dedicated button on your desk that only clicks? Why not just a mouse? The only implement I can see of this is a FPS game. That might be cool. But anything else? Naw. had this to say on Nov 08, 2005 Posts: 1
    What Is The Next Data Input Device?