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  • Jul 31, 2007
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  • COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE!! Is anybody reading this thread going to the Apple shareholders meeting this Thursday at 10am? If so, can you PLEASE stand up & ask Steve Jobs why in the HELL he is keeping Intuit CEO Bill Campbell on the Apple Board of Directors, when Bill Campbell has CONTINUED to delivered COMPLETELY SUBPAR financial products for Mac OS X? Even in the year 2007, Quicken & QuickBooks are absolutely horrible products on the Mac, and COMPLETELY pale in comparison to their Windows counterparts. Just a quick example: 1. Quicken for Mac does NOT auto-download to MOST financial institutions for instantaneous downloading like it does in Quicken for Windows. 2. Quicken & QuickBooks for Mac both feature less than 50% of the feature set of the Windows versions of these products. 3. QuickBooks has no multi-user support, whereas every version of QuickBooks for Windows can be networked. 4. Neither product supports a cross-platform file format so Windows users will actually LOSE MANY FEATURES & FINANCIAL INFORMATION upon switching to Macintosh, and the tedious export/import routine for QuickBooks still does not work reliably under any circumstances. These are just the top 4 issues off the top of my head, but obviously there are DOZENS UPON DOZENS more! There are no other real personal financial software alternatives for the Mac (with the exception of MYOB, which is okay for small businesses), so we are stuck with these subpar products from Intuit. And the only way that many Windows users can switch to the Mac is to end up using their INtuit product in Parallels or Boot Camp. All of this and BILL CAMPBELL SITS ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AT APPLE!! I will not be able to make it to the shareholders meeting this week -- can somebody please bring up this information at the meeting? As far as I'm concerned, Bill Campbell should be kicked off the board completely or step up to the plate and treat Mac users with the respect that they deserve.
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    Mac Personal Finance Software = Disappointment