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  • Jan 03, 2006
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  • I have to agree with 1 and 3 here. The (music) CD is going to be around for a good long time, and Apple would be foolish not to include a way of getting the tunes on your CDs onto your computer (and your iPod).
    robox2000 had this to say on Nov 21, 2005 Posts: 3
    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive
  • I want to be able to 'tab' to different items in dialog boxes. I know you can turn on this feature in System Prefs, but it doesn't work in all apps... it doesn't even really work in the Finder.
    robox2000 had this to say on Oct 10, 2005 Posts: 3
    How Could OS X Be Improved?
  • I want both a delete and a backspace button on my mac. I use both all the time on my Windows box at work. I want to be able to tab between options in dialog boxes (save, cancel, etc,) with the arrow keys.
    robox2000 had this to say on Jul 20, 2005 Posts: 3
    What OS X Could Learn From Windows