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  • DO NOT use The Essential Wedding Planner -- I paid for this product and it has major problems with its built-in database going corrupt & toasting ALL your data. Worse, the author is terrible at support, downright ignoring my pleas for help. I sent a number of professional, courteous requests for help which were completely ignored; after 5 attempts over a 2 week period I gave up. A month later I tried again, and finally received a snotty reply stating that he (the author) had never receied any of my messages. Yeah, right. Nonetheless I gave him teh benefit of the doubt and sent him my info again; it been about 6 months with no further reply... Bottom line, The Essential Wedding Planner is crappy software with crappy support. Don't waste your money. Also, there is no other wedding software that I could find for OSX, so build yourself a simple Excel spreadsheet & add to it as you need to. Another option is that has a decent tracking system for guests, etc. Good luck, J.
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