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  • Jul 20, 2011
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  • Why not create a larger screen device into which you could plug an iPhone or Touch. This device would have a keyboard and larger screen. It could also have a battery to extend the life of the iPod/iPhone. Something close already exists for playing movies stored in the Touch or iPhone on a larger screen. Use all of the functionality that comes with the Touch/iPhone plus provide a larger screen, functional keyboard, extended battery life, maybe external speakers, maybe use the iPod screen as a the touch pad, etc. Done with the elegance of most Apple devices this might be attractive.
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    Will Apple Join the Netbook Con?
  • I am ready to dump my Treo. I need these applications to pull it off. Expense Tracker - An expense tracking program that makes expenses easy to enter and transfers them to pre-formatted spreadsheets. Absolutely necessary. I spend very little time doing my expenses with the program I have and do not want to go back. Password Tracker - A program to keep track of passwords and other access information for all the web sites and other venues that I access. I have over a hundred entries on my Treo. A voice recorder that is really easy to access. Bill Tracker - A program to track a list of recurring bills to pay. Quick Note Pad - Maybe even let me draw something with my finger tip. Could be combined with the voice recorder. A stepped up Clairvoyance that generates a list of possible words instead of just one alternative. Voice Dialer June can not get here soon enough.
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    User Poll: What Do You Want from the iPhone SDK?