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  • Jun 17, 2006
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  • Of course it's Apple's fault. They try to hide behind record labels in the case of iTunes. So how do they explain why their computer products are so much more expensive than in the US? Also wrt to DRM free records, according to EMI, it is Apple that insisted on charging more for these tracks not EMI.
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    iTunes Ripping Off UK Customers?
  • Ben Hall - totally agree his showmanship is important. He constantly talks of something/feature being COOL and uses terms like "press this button and BOOM" and even though I personally find these terms irritating (ito language), I am nevertheless enthralled by his presence on the stage, selling/demonstrating his wares. I can only imagine how he would have presented the "Gates vision of the future". We would probably all have gone out and pledged our credit cards to Vista/WindowsFuture....
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    Steve's Next Trick
  • The reason why Jobs is succesful and Gates & Co boring is that when Jobs is done with his presentation, the product is available worldwide the next day/week. I endured through the webcast of the MS presentation and fel asleep - it was so boring. But much as Gates' vision of the future digital world was interesting, we all know it is exactly that (vapourware in the FUTURE). Apple delivers immediately and that is what makes me sit-up and take note of Jobs' show.
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    Steve's Next Trick
  • They won't have to port it because OS X will be running on a bog standard intel computer shortly. I love the whole Mac experience (well designed hardware etc) but 'see' Apple becoming a software company. They have a good OS, several first-class apps and in the end they will still offer high-end (read high style too) computers and AV kit but will draw the bulk of their revenue from the software side. So iLife will be available to the Windows masses but the Windows masses will be on OS X.
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    Should Apple Port the iLife Suite?
  • Gabe H You forget they also took away the charger when they included USB only. Now you have to fork out extra for a charger or else take a laptop with you when on a trip. While on the subject of iPods - has anyone ever tried to have one repaired out of warrantee. Well I tried and Apple's response was - we don't repair them - but you can buy a new one. I offered to pay for the repair but they basically told me that they only guarantee their product for 1 yr. After that they won't even honour a repair. That is one whacked sense of customer loyalty.
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    To Steve Jobs Apple Fans are Just Another Snack Cake