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  • Jan 11, 2006
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  • Any word on a new (USB or not) iSight? Got one for Xmas and haven't opened it yet, going to take it back if a new one comes out.
    mhp had this to say on Jan 05, 2006 Posts: 2
    Rumor Roundup
  • Stop the presses: "New Intel iMac without Disk Drive - all iPods now include OS X" Fine print: And iPod prices go up $125 on all models. But you are to something if AAPL wants to sell more high margin iPods, and give away OS X [free the source would be nice too]. All your files are with you always, same config, same apps. Every home user buys an iPod, business users by Xserves (and NetBoot).
    mhp had this to say on Nov 21, 2005 Posts: 2
    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive