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  • Dec 03, 2007
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  • I've long been waiting for e-books to become mainstream. I think there's 2 particular issues: 1. Hardware - this used to be cruddy, but the new sony and philips readers are basically what I want in an e-book reader --- good battery life, looks like paper, light, portrait orientation. 2. Content - this is where the whole market goes screwy. Basically, the problem is that publishers want the same amount of money for e-books that they want for real books ($8 for paperbacks, etc) even though their production cost is MUCH less. This is the same problem with iTunes movies. Price the e-book "paperbacks" at $3 and the publishers will still make good money (since there's no physical costs), and I won't feel guilty about buying $8 paperbacks that I'll only read once, then give/throw away. I'll probably buy twice as many books - and it's almost pure profit for the publisher. Once the content pricing is drastically lowered, nobody will care about DRM - I don't care if I can only read it on one device for $3 paperbacks.
  • I've owned this printer for about 6 months or so (got it as soon as it came out). I paid $130 at the time, which was a great deal. The printer itself has been fantastic. Networking works great out of the box with my MBP. The toner's a bit steeper than previously, but you can get toner for $65 (for 2000 pages) - about 3.2 cents per page (US). Not a lot to complain about - fast, easy, cheap. Supposedly there's a photoconductor kit that needs to be replaced at 25K pages (for about $40) but I don't expect to ever reach that amount. If you print low volumes (I print about 50 pages/month), it's the way to go.