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  • Dec 26, 2006
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  • I know, how about they put the same motion sensors in the next Ipod Video, and put some running game on it? Then you could run in place and listen to music at the same time. Oh, wait. Then the screen would move all over the place. OK, how about a wallmount for the Ipod, the game, and a controller wristband and blue tooth headset to play it? Nintendo could write the game. : )
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    Apple and Nintendo Should Play Together
  • I disagree that Apple has the right to disparage the Windows platform in any context in relation to this issue. Ridiculous. If any company sells you a peripheral device that disables your computer, they are responsible. If Apple acknowledges that they shipped it this way, they are responsible, end of story. If you insult the platform, you insult the user. I'm sure you know that that's bad business, even if you have little respect for Windows. "I'm sorry that the gasoline that came from our refinery had sugar in it. We regret that your engine didn't have a sugar detection sensor to keep you from starting your car, like my car does, and that we let that sugar slip in like that." Would you find that acceptable? There is no analogy to people getting other people sick by accident. This was accomplished with malicious intent by one or more people, who gained access to internal Apple servers. What sets Apple apart for the Windows community is their ability to make innovative software. With that comes the responsibility to acknowledge failures in quality control. If every Windows user decided not to buy an Ipod based on the attitude of that announcement, there would be a significant drop in sales.
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    The iPod Virus: Apple Arrogance