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  • Jan 25, 2007
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  • I just read this whole page from top to bottom in one sitting... I think all of you should try it too. I can't see much right now. Just saying...
    metalmerlin had this to say on Jan 25, 2007 Posts: 2
    How Microsoft Will Die
  • Now, I don't own an MP3 player by either MS or Apple (Memorex), but i'm thinking i'm going to get one this year. I have 2 comments on this whole conversation thus far: 1. I play on XBox live. It works wonderfully. I frankly see no problem with the points left over, as their accumulation will allow me to get thins off XBL. I realize the amount of songs i'd need to get, but judging by the way i both game and listen, i think it'll pay off. Also, at least for XBL users, points purchased from the XBox 360 can be used for Zune Marketplace, so I'd have that as well. 2. The real question here isn't even about the points. If (AND I SAY IF, PLEASE DON'T CRUCIFY ME FOR SAYING THIS) the Zune were to be a better player, even marginally, wouldn't it be worth the tiny, tiny inconvience of having a few cents locked in MS points? Just saying.
    metalmerlin had this to say on Jan 25, 2007 Posts: 2
    Zune Marketplace's Absurd Pricing Scheme