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  • I would love to see a stylus on the iPhone. It'll make entering chinese a lot easier for me as I'm not too good with pinyin or wubihua. There is handwriting support, but writing chinese characters with a finger tends to be messy and inaccurate. My friend has one of the nokia touchscreen phones with a stylus and I love using it whenever I travel to hong kong or china, it makes writing SMS a breeze. The auto-correction is another issue that, quite frankly, I'm surprised apple hasn't addressed yet.
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    Three Wished for Features to Make the iPhone Even Better
  • the real reason I want a video iPod? MUSIC VIDEOS! =P
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    Note on iPod Video Player: Ignore Steve
  • from what I've heard, apple scored quite a deal with samsung for flash memory...
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    The Truth is Out There
  • wow.. what rock have you been hiding under. integrated cameras and webcams are not a new feature: those are the two off the top of my head; i'm sure there are more out. My guess is that now that Asus is building apple's ibook for them, they finally got around to adding that feature. Secondly, video chat is already avaliable on many popular IM services. I personally have used it on MSN and ICQ. I don't really care much for it, but every once in a while it's nice to talk to my grandparents in hong kong, or chat with my cousin in real time.
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    The iChat AV Resurrection
  • I don't think there will be incompabilities between editions, nothing seems to suggest that. (except the difference between 32bit and 64bit versions) The "professional" or "business" lineup does seem a bit confusing, but the "home" lineup is pretty clear-cut. I'm itching to see the Ultimate edition though, but it'll probably cost a fortune; MS products always do. I'll have to see if my university offers any type of discount when those are released... if i'm still in university by the time it's release =P
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    7 Flavors of Pain
  • Opps, I meant LCD, not LED
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    Will the Newton Ever Come Back?
  • looks like a type of OLED display. I believe these will be the next level of display tech, to replace our LED's in the future. I just learned a few hours ago that Sony just released an MP3 player with an OLED display:
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    Will the Newton Ever Come Back?
  • heyy which sacramento store? I think i've only stopped by briefly in the one at arden mall
  • The easiest way to 'integrate' MP3 players in cars is to just add an aux-in. This basically garentees compability with any MP3 player, not just the iPod.
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    How To Compete with the iPod
  • I'll say it'll happen on the say OS-X gets a solid foothold in the OS market. Guess you guys can't have it both ways. And I would take a "proof of concept" virus as an actual. You guys generally accepted that Monad script "proof" as a virus didn't you? like I said, can't have it both ways. And finally, IMO, windows viruses are way too hyped up, at least for end consumers. I've never had a problem with them, and I admit, I partake in a lot more 'high risk' activity than the average user. I have no idea how people get all these viruses. Then again, some of us PC users are just retarded:
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    Your Mac Has a Virus
  • I think the only MP3 players better than the iPods are the Samsungs, but they don't seem to get any publicity; so I doubt it'll put a dent in apple anytime soon. The reason that whole trample thing happened was because they priced the ibooks at $50. put it at $500 and see if it would've happened. obviously that school doesn't teach basic economics.
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    Weekend Grab Bag
  • I hate to say it, but Windows consistancy on Windows is largly determined by the application. For example, Trillian, a chat program, doesn't quite match the rest of windows. Though it's fully skinable, there's no option to force it to use the 'XP style'. However, Microsoft apps tend to be really good at staying consistant, but even they get it wrong sometimes. eg. In normal windows, when I highlight a menu, It's shaded in light blue. When I highlight a menu in Outlook, the entry spawns a dark blue border and gets orange shading. I actually like the Outlook method better than the normal one, but I can't find a way to modify windows to have that style without going overboard *cough*windows blinds*cough*. I'll take screenshots later to show you guys what I mean.
  • hehe I guess being an engineer (or will be in a few years) puts us on different sides of the design camp =P Us windoze users also have a 'right click' key on our keyboards now. But no one really cared or noticed; heck, I don't even know the actual name of the key, or when it was added to the keyboard. Needless to say, all of us still use the right click instead of that button, and I know of no one who went out a brought a one button mouse to use that shortcut instead. Do you still find yourself using the control click combo, or are you starting to get used to the right click, now that you have the mm? Old habits are sometimes hard to break, but give it a few months and see how much right clicking you do compared to how much control clicking you do. It'll be interesting to see if having a two button mouse will eventually cause you to use the right click over the ctrl+click combo, since I can say with 99% certainity that the opposite isn't true. My first computing experience was on a Mac (OOOLD thing, back in the 386 days) and I've been consistantly using them at around a 80% PC / 20% mac split up until about 3 years ago (full time PC user now). I know that if given a choice, on either a PC or a mac, I would rather right click than use control+click, even though I learned that keyboard shortcut first. --OH I also should mention, I never realized how big of a role this plays in it, but my main computer is a laptop, and has been for 5 years. My setup is usually such that the laptop is pushed back from me, while I have an external mouse in easy reach. So it's not exactly easy for me to reach the keyboard. (dont' plan on getting an external keyboard, my desk is messy enough as it is) PS. that is a CRAZY knife set. heck, I use a iron butcher's knife for any kind of food cutting. (been in our family for ages)
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    Mighty Mouse: Excrement Now Comes in White
  • Moff, You do have a point there. I was just originally really surprised by your post because you set yourself up as having the most to gain from an added right button. Yet dispite all of the choices out there today, you simply refused to try out a multi - heck 2 button even - mouse simply based on the fact that they looked bad. Personally, I never even thought that the apple mouse "looks nice" until I read this tread. Honestly, though I do perfer the looks of some mice, none have really struck me as "absolutely beautiful" (The MM definately doesn't, stupid xi-fan covered nasty thing ;) ) Yes, using the keyboard shortcuts are faster than right clicking and selecting, but it would be even faster if you could bind two buttons on a multi button mouse to copy and paste specifically. The right click gives you an alternate method to copy and paste when you don't have two hands avaliable; all this with a single button. I would argue that that's a pretty good deal. In addition, the right click gives you a lot of options not avaliable as keyboard shortcuts. Want to edit a picture in photoshop, just right click on it and go to "edit with photoshop" Want to add a song to your playlist instead of playing it outright, right click on the song and go to "add to playlist" Want to open a movie with your DVD player instead of your Media player, right click, go to "open with" etc etc you get the point. I have no problem with getting something that looks nicer, but not when it gets in the way of its function. If I needed a sedan, I would have no problem with spending a little extra money to get the BMW 530i over say a Honda Accord, but I wouldn't run off and get a Porsche Boxster S :D
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    Mighty Mouse: Excrement Now Comes in White
  • hehe i liked the movie, or anime to be more specific.
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    Keeping your desktop tidy.