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  • AppleMatters rocks, and I'd never want to suggest otherwise. In this one piece, though, I have a difference of opinion. Available here: [url=][/url]
    Jerome Howard had this to say on Apr 04, 2005 Posts: 2
    Apple and the Disney Store Effect
  • I presume Greg is websavvy enough to know of the desert island discs reference. Here are my TOP TEN: 1. Venice SWEET ALOHA 2. Elton John PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM 3. Kay Hanley GALAPAGOS 4. Donna Summer I FEEL LOVE 5. Beatles THINGS WE SAID TODAY 6. John Lennon IMAGINE 7. Letters To Cleo RIM SHAK 8. Mamas And Papas CALIFORNIA DREAMIN 9. George Gershwin RHAPSODY IN BLUE 10. Electric Light Orchestra SHANGRILA That was rough... Jerome Howard/
    Jerome Howard had this to say on Feb 18, 2005 Posts: 2
    10 Songs on a Deserted Island