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  • Mar 11, 2008
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  • My MBA arrived on 4 Feb and the decision was made two days later by an Apple Technician that the computer needs to be returned. My MBA problems started when I attempted migration from my MacBook via wireless, first, and then via an ethernet connection. Both were extremely pokey so I performed a Time Machine backup of my MacBook to an external USB HD and then plugged this drive into the MBA for use with Migration Assistant. All seemed to work OK, but my Airport icon on the menu bar was always hollow even though I could connect to the internet with the MBA. With a restart, the blue screen of death took over an hour to clear, but the Airport icon problem persisted. We tried resetting permissions and several other procedures before attempting a fresh install of Leopard from an external drive. When it failed, the Apple Tech pronounced the MBA and sent me home with a case number to use when calling AppleCare. I'm still awaiting a call from Apple Service with an authorization for return of this MBA. I've had many, many Macs since my original one that I bought on 24 Jan 84. This is the first bad experience that I've had in 24 years of Macs so I'm not complaining. I had many more problems in the past with PCs. I look forward to putting a new MBA to work in my business.
  • The reviewer makes it clear that MBA does not meet his expectations or needs. I currently use a MacBook 13" that I bought when it first shipped. To have the opportunity to use OS-X in a laptop suitable for travel, I got rid of a ThinkPad x40 that weighed 2 lbs less than the MacBook. I liked the form factor of that ThinkPad but had to get used to having no optical drive and fewer ports. So I learned exactly what I need in a laptop to be pleased with the tool. The MBA will work well for me but not for all. Does that mean that it qualifies as a "horrible, horrible product"? Not in my view. My MBA is ordered and my MacBook will be sold. Markets like choices, and the MBA is another choice that is great for some.
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    The MacBook Air Is a Horrible, Horrible Product