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  • Our thoughts from our site [url=][/url] What a great campaign. Apple's iLife suite launched with a great slogan - "It's like 'Microsoft Office' for the rest of your life." This is classic. Take two things that you don't expect together, the professionalism and power of Office productivity and the fun and informality of GarageBand and bring them together. Great work, I think. All the way down to the logo. That said, it is not without some controvery. AppleMatters thinks this is BAD, too vague and gives too much to Microsoft. mBlog: The Apple Project hates it too. In part because they don't love Microsoft Office, it just plain isn't fun. Well having worked on that product for years, I still have a softspot. Guess I'm biased. And I still think it works for targeting working people who are trying to organize their increasingly digital personal lives.
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    Apple Is Giving Free Advertising To Microsoft