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  • Gregory: I'm sorry, but what? What my printers get is a complete set of transparencies (if that's the word, I mean the color-separated transparent prints) and they don't have anything to do with color separation and trapping, much less with typography. As I understand the processes are different where you work, but still, I wouldn't let any printer change my typography. I've seen some quite complicated documents printed from InDesign without problems. My personal record is a 32-page catalogue of musicians for hire, with thousand or so images and a lot of tables. Quark is entrenched in the design community, but so is Microsoft entrenched in personal computing, yet Apple is making it's inroads there too.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • Are you still using the G3 tower? ;) My G4 boots up in a minute or so. I use auto-login so I don't see the login screen. I don't collapse windows, I hide whle applications. I use Expose so much, I'm still clicking the wheel on my home Windows system. And serious designers use InDesign, not Quark. Get yourself a dual G5 with a gigabyte of RAM and start enjoying life.
    Pies had this to say on Mar 25, 2005 Posts: 3
    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • That's probably the only thing I have against OSX -- slow interface. Switching between two apps (using Apple+Tab) takes somewhere close to half a second, whereas on my PC box (~$1000) with WinXP it's an instant. I still think OSX is superior to any other desktop OS, but I'm not going to spend $2000 on a dual G5 just for the snappier interface. By the way, have you used Quicksilver (quicksilver.blacktree.com) yet? Very cool productivity app.
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    What Id Like to See in Tiger: Part 1, Speed