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  • Sep 16, 2005
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  • >Flash memory will NOT replace hard drives in computers. Just like the statement Bill Gates made about computers a few years ago. 512 kilobyte of RAM is the max any computer will need. Don't count Flash out yet. Once you've seen what happens on a computer with more RAM than hard disk space, you'll want Flash to become cheap enough to be the primary source of memory. One day, someone wanders into our usergroup clinic with a IIci with something no one ever did before. The IIci had a 20 MB hard drive and 32 MB of RAM! That's right, more RAM than hard disk, and it had System 6. It booted in one second flat. I kid you not. It is only a matter of time before memory can be made cheap enough to make flash memory the primary memory for computers. And demand will drive the market. Once people see what having more physical memory than hard disk space does, they will want flash memory based computers.
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    Flash Based Laptops, Sooner Than You Think
  • Not licensing the OS is not a mistake. Apple tried licensing the OS from 1994 to 1997 with dire results. They couldn't keep up on the hardware end with Power Computing, and soon both Power Computing and the other clones were overtaking Apple in processing power. And in the end, the Apple realized that licensing the OS was not right because they couldn't shift themselves to a software only vendor. Remember Apple is still the only company that makes the entire widget. Even if it does come from multiple sources, they find the best of the various hardware to work together. Yes there are occassionaly lemons, but it has been constantly rated highest on the Consumer Reports. The Newton was also a money loser for Apple since they didn't lower their cost for the Newton nor did they make it as small as the Palm to be able to get into more people's hands. In the end, Apple had to focus itself on where the money was to be gained. They turned themselves around into a profitable company by 1998 and with the exception of the fall of 2000, they have not had a money losing quarter since then. How many other .coms can say that? Apple remains a financially stable institution with money in the bank to spare. Apple picks its markets carefully.
  • We have G5 servers and iMacs.
  • Good news! At least for Quark users. There may be a Quark 7 much sooner than there was a Quark 6: [url=,1759,1781262,00.asp],1759,1781262,00.asp[/url] So get your fingers ready, and send Quark as much feedback as is necessary to get them to make your migration to Mac OS X a lot easier. A lot complain about how Quark 4.1.1 has a hard time functioning within Classic, and that Quark 6 can't export and import Quark 4.1.1 files, so they are stuck. If you want to have a say about what your future computer will be like, tell Quark that you want better backward compatibility.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • 256 MB of RAM might not be such a mistake if one considers the following to be true. Apple's prices for RAM as a build to order option are exceptionally high. One RAM vendor told me is that in order to sell kits of RAM, Apple has to lock in a contract to sell RAM at a specific price with a specific vendor for a specific time period. Unfortunately that leaves Apple with a price that is not subject to market fluctuations if true. If Apple were to sell RAM to recoup those costs of buying RAM from the vendor, they would make their machines even more costly than they are today. It is better that Apple only ship the bare minimum RAM needed to run the system, and let people decide how much RAM to install for their needs and buy from other vendors if they want to save money than pass all the cost to the consumer.
  • You can simplify Mac OS X's interface by sending the Dock to the right side of the screen and hiding it with command-option-D. Hiding it by menu doesn't let you keep it out of your way, but it will usually stay out of your way if you do so by keystroke and it is on that side of the screen. Clicking on the jewel in the upper right hand corner of the Finder window brings back an interface without toolbar or sidebar. If you don't want to leave that window of Mac OS X, just make sure not to open new finder windows through Finder Preferences -> General, and just don't close the Finder window. Use Exposé to get windows out of the way when you need to. For everything else you can give Apple feedback here: [url=][/url] [url=][/url] if you want to see improvements in the Finder's interface. Look at today. They talk about the operating system being too complicated too.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • ATM being an Adobe product, I think you should take up the matter with Adobe. They are the ones who licensed to Apple ATM for inclusion with Mac OS. Much of Apple's internal PDF support comes through an open source PDF standard in Mac OS X. Now you can always get Adobe Acrobat Professional for Mac OS X, but if you want Adobe to continue creating ATM for Mac OS in Mac OS X, you need to demand that of Adobe. Staying back in Mac OS 9 and earlier isn't going to help increase that demand since you are one less user Adobe thinks it has to cater.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • I though have found productivity a lot greater in Mac OS X. I much less often see my system giving me Type 1, 10, 11 errors, freezes and spend a lot less time troubleshooting websites which won't load properly. Mac OS X is very stable. Now Quark may make it seem not so, but that's really Quark's poor programming practices, not the fault of the operating system. There is a good FAQ on fixing font issues within X here: [url=[email protected]@.68908e3c][email protected]@.68908e3c[/url] which I'm sure if you follow, or post a request for help from Kurt, he'll be able to help you.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • It appears to me something of your machine is not set up right to use Mac OS X. First off, Mac OS X doesn't crash unless you have really bad RAM, or bad preferences, or bad cache. If you follow these tips to upgrade, you'll be fine: [url=][/url] As for Windowshade, you can get that for Mac OS X from [url=][/url] There are also many other pre-Mac OS X nicetities still available for X through third parties listed on my FAQ below: [url=][/url] 7.5 was horribly unstable on my 7200. Try to use OpenTransport 1.0.8, and you would get a Type 11 error every day. It wasn't until 7.6.1 that my internet had some semblance of stability that it also had with 7.0.1 on my LC with MacTCP. So as for stability, your mileage may vary, but don't criticize X's stability without first knowing why something may cause it to get to be unstable.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be