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  • First off... This goes to "Trust"'s comment on 12/12/2005... I guess Apple never has "endless" security updates, huh? Second, I take it Mac OS X never causes problems, huh? Mac OS X is SO TROUBLE FREE that Apple couldn't POSSIBLY have a support section... could they? To BrainFromArous... It's great to know that, from what you've implied, that there are NO books on troubleshooting Mac's... Wonder how, GOD FORBID, you'll EVER fix any Mac problem if one should arise? Lucky for us poor MS Windows users we have the whole troubleshooting section to choose from! And wow, this must be a fake site, because there could NEVER be a VIRUS or MALWARE targeted at Mac OS X!! Look, bottom line is this... Mac OS X, Linux Kernel Of The Day, Windows, etc all have the SAME EXACT PROBLEMS. PERIOD. I will venture to guess that at least 70%-80% of ALL Operating Systems use the SAME EXACT STANDARDIZED PROTOCOLS! There is only 1 way to implement TCP/IP. There is only one way to render graphics. There is only one way to compute processes (You all know that now since Apple is now using an Intel Chip!). So on and so forth. The difference is that if it doesn't do what you NEED it to do, then it is USELESS! Mac OS X freezes on occasion. I know this because I've used them for many, many years. Linux has so many different versions and implementations and a LACK (currently... this could change!) of KNOWLEDGABLE technitions that if there is a problem, good luck getting it fixed. You can bash Microsoft all you like, and hopefully when you finish you feel better about yourself, but the old adage is true: "History Repeats Itself"... Notice how OS X is no longer a focal point for Apple anymore? Only thing they've been pushing lately is their iPod because it's so sucessful. Problem is they've recently repeated one of their historic blunders in that they were offered a VERY sweet deal from Microsoft to intergrate the website into the X-Box 360 Live console and they turned it down. What I LOVE is that there will be a MILLION posts telling me how dumb I am and how smart Apple was. But why go against history? When has Microsoft EVER gone bankrupt? (by the way, you all know Apple did in the '90's and MS bailed them out). When has Microsoft marketed and pushed only ONE single HOT item in the last ten years while seemingly ignoring it's other products? What is Apple's strategy for profitability when the iPod takes a back seat to the X-Box Live Compatible mp3 Players? And will you be CRAZY enough to attempt to provide an answer to that last question knowing that I'll counter with at least 3 from Microsoft to your 1 from Apple?
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    How Microsoft Will Die
  • I'm glad you can admit when you're wrong. Not many people would do that and I commend you for it. When you can only substantiate 2 out of your 8 bullet points (focusing only on those points alone), I didn't think you really believed that being only 25% right is anything to brag about. But, I'm not really being fair here because I actually think that, for the most part, those points were pretty valid! First, I will agree with you 100% that MS should swallow their losses on Vista and switch to plan B. I don't think your Plan B is the best option, but you have a very loyal Windows user base that has been bitching for a new OS ASAP, then bitch when MS rushes it out the door and it has bugs. You can't win when you have the amount of users that MS does. I also enjoyed that link you provided about Microsoft's shake-up. Now, I was suprised to find that it was more of a positive assessment rather than a negative one, but it is about time they did this. Again, going with a Unix-type shell might please you, but how will it make every Windows user better? And lastly, I couldn't have said it better than you did with #6 and #7. As an IT Consultant, I CRINGE when I see ME or any 9x/NT 4 box! They really do need to upgrade. The technology is outdated. I would disagree with scraping it (Why throw out something that has earned you BILLIONS of dollars a year?) and going the Apple route of, how would you put it, borrowing the Unix-like core for their new Windows OS. When Coke deceided to change their formula to New Coke just because they were losing their market share to Pepsi, it was a complete disaster. I think they should either rebuild Windows from the ground up or try to fix Vista and be honest about another delay. I will tell you that when Longhorn was first announced, the only thing I cared about was WinFS. Once it was removed, my interest was lost as well. My biggest problem with your article was the first part, though. You came up with this nonsense about momentum and Steve Jobs and the iPod crap... C'mon... Once the iPod is out of the public's mind, you think that the Mac computer will be able to make up for it? I can name quite a few "flash-in-the-pan" products Apple has released over the years, and went right back into obscurity. The iMac comes to mind. I remember in 1997 how MS bailed out Apple with $150 million dollars. Linux is still a wait-and-see right now. Once again, all the companies in the world can have Linux installed on all their PC's, but if there is no software for it, what's it good for? That brings me to this... contrary to popular belief, it is NOT Windows nor Office that has kept MS at the top for many, many years and will keep them there for many more... It's application developers. Microsoft EMBRACES DEVELOPERS. Period. If you think you have ANY way of disproving me on this point, save it. Because if you do find something to rebuke it, I will counter ten-fold to debunk you. In 1985, Microsoft was #2 on the Top Ten Software Companies list. 20 years later, they were #1. Know what the funny thing is? Not one of the other 9 companies were on the list 20 years later. Almost every one of them is out of business. What did MS do differently? They embraced developers. How many Macintosh application developers do you know? Why doesn't the mass population buy a Mac? Why is there such a lack of apps for the Mac? Not even the Master Steve Jobs could grasp this concept of working with programmers. Now, why do I think Microsoft is going to have record earnings either Q1 or Q2 2006? It isn't something so vague or intangable as "momentum"... It's Visual Studio .NET 2005. Microsoft has always listened to their customers and have more or less based their companies products on the input of DEVELOPERS, which is why they have focused extensively on migrating old VB6 apps to the .NET Framework. They make a mistake, learn from it, and correct it the next time. I know you're itching to prove me wrong on this point, but as long as you provide links of how MS either blatantly disregarded user demands or how they repeatedly continued to make the same mistake (NOT a perceived mistake, but a real and acknowledged one), I will humble myself to you. Cause I've got a million ways to back up my claims... Lastly, just want to say that you were on the right track when you spoke of the facts or based your opinions off of the facts. I had a problem with the Mac-slant portions. You know what... Maybe I was too harsh with my comment. I apologize for that...
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    How Microsoft Will Die
  • I know this is a pretty old "article" (I use the term loosely), but I stumbled upon it and had to respond. First, the short post... Do you think your unsubstantiated comments still hold true after almost 6 months?
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    How Microsoft Will Die