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  • Sep 13, 2007
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  • As someone who just got married as well, I can say that a mac savvy couple can do wonders on a tight budget. We did our own invites in InDesign, and printed them on really nice paper on the best printer we had access to and the results were beautiful. Other nice touches were stuff that would have cost us a bundle in printing charges alone were accompanying literature on the sights, hotels, and things to do in the region since we were married in France and my family was coming over from Canada. Nice paper combined with a color printer and a paper cutter with decorative blades made for a very elegant package. We didn't have a DJ or fixed master of ceremonies as they can get a little out of hand, and things are done a little differently here (ie no speeches!), but all of the music was selected and arranged on my powerbook which drove the rented sound system with awesome results. Still able to make on the fly adjustments to the playlist to keep in sync with the crowd. And in the post ceremony stage, iMovie and iDVD are killer. I imagine that we are among the many who used the gorgeous wedding theme in iDVD, combined with a selection of the photos from all of the digital cameras. Idea: see if you can't get someone with a digital wallet or a portable to snag people on their way out of the reception to take a copy of their memory cards so you'll have everything right away. We saw most everyone the next day and managed grab copies into iPhoto during the visits. Hint: make sure people have their clocks set properly in the camera so that you can sequence the day's photos easily. As we had people from Canada, the pictures were timestamped 6 hours out which made browsing and organizing a little complicated! We were also lucky enough that several people got the wedding waltz on video with their digital cameras which we were able to include in the iMovie project. We also added in pics from the honeymoon on the same DVD in a separate movie. Everyone who's seen it has been bowled over and asks for a copy as a keepsake, so don't forget to add in lots of blank DVD-Rs into the wedding budget :-)
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