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  • Jun 07, 2010
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  • I agree. I loved Sticky Brains back-in-the-day, but SOHO's support is beyond awful. A company with a ten year (or more) experience with software does not support a forum for users to ask and answer questions. Their knowledgebase for the current release comprises eight articles, mainly written last year before the iPhone App about installation and conversion. The App is good on a Mac, and flashy (small F), it still has sync problems, twice a month I find all the notes have duplicated themselves (I have 850 notes) and I need to restore from a backup. Just poor sync, their programmers do not understand the concept that sometimes a mobile will lose connection with the host Mac and that shouldn't be a disaster. SOHO's solution: make it easy to delete your database and restore from a backup. Their documentation implies you can sync using MobileMe, but the instruction manaul doesn sya anything about it and there doesn;t seem to be anything in the iPhone client. I suspect you can sync computers using MobileMe but not iPhones and iPod Touch's and they were hoping you wouldn't notice. The good news is I get to write a bad review everything time they bring out another version in the iTunes store and I'm past 10-12 reviews! Stick with Evernote, it will take me ten or more hours to convert. PS: Why do we like SOHO? It does work and look like a Mac program, Evernote's compromise is they want to work the same way on Windows and Mac and therefore compromise the Mac interface. Reminds me of the old Pagemaker vs Quark wars. Pagemaker kept the typesetters print table layout metaphors too long and Quark created a new space by saying "It's a computer screen, Dummy, use the mouse!"
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