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  • Hi Chris, I don't think you meant to use the word "composting." I gathered some other history on the development of Final Cut Pro as it traveled from Macromedia to Apple, and how Microsoft was involved, at: How Microsoft Pushed QuickTime's Final Cut - Daniel Eran
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    April 25, 1999: Final Cut Debuts
  • OpenDarwin had really nothing to do with Apple's open Darwin program, and contributed nothing but noise to open source development on the Mac platform. All they did was copy Apple's Darwin repository of files, declare that their duplicate copy was being offered under the GPL, and make a lot of noise and hot air about how Apple should either copy them or support their efforts to create an alternative Darwin distro. Unfortunately, nobody needed a GPL version of Apple's source code, because Apple's open source isn't run the same way, or for the same purpose, as other Linux distros or OSS projects. "OpenDarwin" was simply the brainstorm of a GPL advocate that was browbeating Apple with a worn out political ideology, while trying to resell Apple's free software. It offered nothing of value to anybody, so it eventually ran out of steam. We don't need to weep for it. I wrote about Apple & OSS in: Open Source Values and the Peanut Gallery
    The value proposition involved in choosing an open source strategy, and a roast of the emerging peanut gallery who are attempting to hijack and betray the free software movement. BSD and GPL: Different Sources for Different Horses
    The benefits and the motivations behind two very different styles of open source development: the BSD style license, pioneered by UC Berkeley and MIT; and the GPL invented by Richard Stallman, the founder of the free software movement. OpenDarwin also has nothing to do with Apple's withholding of the Darwin kernel for x86 on new Intel Macs. The 'Mac OS X Closed by Pirates' Myth
    According to the proponents of this myth, Apple has abandoned their open source initiatives as they move to Intel, because they are afraid that, armed with the Darwin source code, pirate 3lit3 haxx0rs will p0wn them and have Mac OS X running on generic PCs. They're wrong, here's why.
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    OpenDarwin Dies a Lonely Death
  • The Online Music and Movie Rental Myth http://www.roughlydrafted.com/RD/Home/2994B804-46AE-4367-A4A9-46FAC702CF19.html According to proponents of this myth, the real road to obscene profits in movies, music, software, and other digital media lies with online subscription rentals, not direct sales. They're wrong, here's why. New Media and Free Market Choice http://www.roughlydrafted.com/RD/Home/A41BDFCA-5FA7-4C82-8582-97F90B8F165E.html New Media and Free Market Choice Five examples that prove that intellectual property, while offering some new challenges, still obeys the same market laws of supply and demand. Along the way, I'll also prove why the market has rejected digital media rentals.
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    Is the iTunes Movie Store a Good Idea?
  • If you are having unique problems with an application stalling and performing poorly, maybe you should investigate to determine what the problem is before you write an entire article about why Safari is flawed because your installation is stalling? Have you logged in as a different, clean user, to see if there is some problem with your user? Bad preferences, bad user cache, or a bad Safari cache could all cause problems that Apple can't fix for you by updating their Application. You can experience the same problems using Firefox, Opera or OmniWeb. It's great to look at alternatives, but it's stupid to complain about unique problems you're having, and jump to the conclusion that suddenly Safari "doesn't work."
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    Is it time to ditch Safari?