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  • Having been a mobile DJ for over 15 years, I can tell you that JUST playing music ignores the primary reason to have a good DJ; Master of Ceremonies. The primary role of the DJ at the wedding is to coordinate the events, the other contractors and the guests, so that there is a smooth flow of activities, and photographers have their cameras prepped in advance of the special moments. When I got married over 15 years ago, we justified the purchase of a LaserWriter II by producing all of our invitations on the Mac. We used pre-printed 8 inch square cards and envelopes, that had appropriate color designs around the border of the card; the invitation verbiage went in the center. We also included another 8 inch square card with additional information; times, directions, gift registry info, attire, etc. Last point, by using a database for keeping track of guests and gifts, including showers, we printed the RSVP cards like a merge document; each card had the name of each guest. How many times have guests sent in the generic cards, checked they would be in attendance, without writing in their names?
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