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  • They call marijuana a "gateway" drug, they say it leads to "harder" drugs... Well that being said, lets introduce the "headless gateway drug mac". A stepping stone to bridge the gap for the pee cee consumer. I really ejoyed the point Greg made about kids using and prefering the mac at school, but having their parents sever that connection at home because of budget. That blows, I was one of those kids and I am pissed I missed out on the mac for so many years. This is an area that would be a huge pick up. Being that this is still going to be a "lower end" mac, I think they have to build this thing rock soild and pack it to the lid with features and specs. And yeah, maybe break even on the things...yes I said break even. But if this is to really be the stepping stone to help the other 95% break into the mac cult, then it better be everything it should be plus some. Switchers have to feel like the hassle of switching and learning a new os is absolutely worth every second. Look at it like this, You can buy a sony playstation 2 for like $150 new. Sony looses money on every unit they sell. A regular game for the ps2 costs $50 bucks, and there is thousands of games to buy and more come out every day. That is where they make there money, the ps2 is just the middle man. As is the ipod, this just happens to be a little bigger gap to bridge. People become very passionate about their computers, they are a huge part of their life. The ipos planted the seed and got people talking and take notice of apple. But now there has to be the second of the "one-two punch" to get the masses to seriously consider the switch. This just may be it. By the way, someone should really touch on the misconceptions that people have about macs. Like everytime I try to tell someone they should switch, they say " yeah but they don't make any software for macs and I use Microsoft office a lot, they don't make that for macs!" Where is the apple education/myth campaign?
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    The Upside of a $500 Dollar Mac
  • I agree with dave, this thing wont be a cheap-o mac just to have something at the price point. Apple is smarter than that. I think this whole thing is going to be based around the media center craze. I have read it will look like and or have the same dimensions as an x-serve. I think it is very smart to market this thing with no monitor, letting you easily hook it to a tv, which almost everyone has. I see this "headless mac" being the center of the digital home. Everything will run through it and allow a seamless mac enviroment for 500 bucks. Tivo, itunes, internet, movies all through the tv and hooked into the home network. That seems like an angle apple would take.
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    The Downside of a $500 Dollar Mac