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  • This is definately my must-have reason for Panther. Expose looks cool, but dumping suitcase will be a treat... It never seems to work quite right and I find that managing fonts for 10-15 jobs at a time hasn't gotten easier since Suitcase 3 (or whatever it was when they skipped from 3 to 8). Successful font management has eluded me for years and I'm eager to finally get things in shape.
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    A QuickTime Look at Panther's FontBook
  • built in fm transmitter. hacks will figure out how to replace a battery. someone just needs to make a bulk order to sony for the lith-ion batteries and start a little custom refurbishing company. easy money!
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    Apple, the iPod Isn't Finished!
  • I have a soft spot for Quark as my path towards using computers and thus finding my primary hobby and resparking a childhood interest in math and logic. I've defended it in forums around the web and learned every trick in the book for making the fastest workflow possible (or at least everything I could find)... I loved learning quark and feel it has one of the best os 9 interfaces out there, it's unbloated and extremely sparse for generating great typography. However, I love os x for everything else. Since you can forget about using InDesign on a small monitor I was anxious to try Quark 6 for the big overall speed boost to my system. I finally got a hold of a beta last night and it BLEW. No saving to QXD 4.x, tons of basic interface bugs like floating panels. Terrible keybindings. The same crappy redraw problems since 4.0, etc. etc. etc. I know it's a beta, but all this time! Everyone there must work for marketing... This devoted Quark user it switching. Our entire office will migrate to InDesign this summer when we redesign and move. From what I'm learning about the native ID features, I'm sooooo excited. XML post doc processing, PDF to clients, batch processing, excellent applescript support, transparency, full-res previews. Even opening Quark files for legacy archive extraction. I'll have copy of QXP 6 around, but it will be on one workstation for reprocessing old layouts with full compatibility.
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    QuarkXpress X: Five Years Later and Still Waiting