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  • Jun 14, 2005
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  • Thin client is DEAD. Dead as dead. I cannot believe people are still hanging on to this idea as the future of computing. It has many benefits for sure, but for it to become mainstream is another matter. I would bet on mass adoption of flying cars before I would bet on thin client. I don't want to have all my stuff (personal and sensitive files and documents) to be stored remotely. I want them here with me (on my hard drive). For many applications, at least for your average computer users, there is no better place to run their apps. than a regular PC. Sure, there might be some applications that just require too much processing power, but this is where distributed computing comes in, not thin client. Also, servers ("mainframes" if you would) would become quite attractive targets for the digital criminals out there. Just imagine the amount of valuable information stored on these servers, and if I had no regard for law and order, I'd try like hell trying to steal information from these servers. Personal computers are getting more complicated these days, and yes, there are many compatibility issues, but I think they can be overcome. I think at most, thin client computing can somewhat thrive in a corporate environment in the future. When it comes to cosumer domain, forget about it.
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    MacIntel: The Thin Client Theory