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  • Feb 15, 2007
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  • Hee hee... somebody forgot to close the bold tag. I've tried to request a new battery via the website for my mid-2005 iBook. The serial number on my battery begins 6C530, which lies within the range that should get replacements, however the site reports "This serial number is invalid or does not qualify for the program." Anyone else get this?
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    Apple Recalls 1.8 Million Batteries
  • I installed Ubuntu a few months back... just to satisfy my inner-geek. Likewise I had problems with the whole bootstrap thing, but I figured it all out in the end. In the time Ubuntu has been siting on my iBook I think I've booted into it twice... hell I can't even remember what you have to press at startup to boot it up. I had two major problems with Ubuntu. Firstly, there is no support for the AirPort network card, so no internet access unless you buy new hardware or hook up the ethernet cable (how last century!). Secondly, the cursor on the screen moves painfully slowly when you use the iBook's trackpad. I had to use an old Logitech mouse to use the system bearably, because naturally there's no support for the Apple Wireless Mouse either. Overall, I'd say Linux is kool for a server, or to give an old PC a new lease of life... but frankly, when you have a Mac, you really have no need for it.
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    Linux on Macs
  • I pay for my email ;) I prefer things to be free, but I am willing to pay if I want the product/service enough. The internet is about freedom of information and what not... if it all cost money, millions of people would be turned off, resulting in what? A ghost web? If Apple Matters cost money to read, I wouldn't pay. I would miss out, and so would you. Free has translated into the barrier-less global community never seen before. Long may it last.
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    Pay Per View Internet
  • I'd very much like to see iPods with bluetooth. Not for transferring music - that'd be painstakingly slow, but for informing me over the ear buds when I have an incoming call or SMS on my phone. The number of calls and texts I miss when using my iPod is silly and for some reason my body doesn't seem to feel vibrations. That said... as soon as you start adding features like this the product becomes bloated. Maybe Apple should stick with what they're doing now.
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    How Would You Improve the iPod?
  • Hee hee... yes, I admit it, an insufferable snob is what I am. But don't read me too wrong. I want to see Apple do well, and I certainly don't just use a Mac to be different, although that's a nice wee extra. And of course Apple, on behalf of its shareholders, has an obligation to profit maximise. Yet still... I fear of a time in which Apple is a Microsoft-style monopoly with no incentive to continue making such great products. Technically Apple has to pursuit a greater market share, but secretly I'll always hope for a small one (but not too small). I guess I'm the only one who thinks that way.
  • I personally don't understand why we want Apple's market share to grow. I rather like being apart of this small tightly-knit community of computer-literate people. Imagine what it would be like if all the fools started clogging up Apple's Discussions and related forums. I don't want my Mac to become an everyday product, I like the look of awe when I whip my iBook out. I like being different. And the small market share keeps Apple working hard to produce great products in pursuit of the large market share I hope they will never achieve.