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  • Yep, the DJ/Music can be a touchy area to venture into on your own. As a full time Professional DJ for 25 years, from 45's to now iPods, you can trust me on this, or not - is your choice and your *maybe, maybe not, successful* Reception. Granted, there are many DJs/Bands who, like TV/Movies/whatever, really suck. So do many Caterers, Florist, etc. Do your homework, see them "work" some beforehand. Any good 'entertainer' at a Wedding Reception should point out clearly ahead of time that THEY are not the *star of the show* .. YOU are, and whatever they do should reflect good light on you and your guest. And any true Professional will not get "out of hand". Also, you may not have as complete a selection of desired music as a competent DJ will make available. And, you may not know how to mix the *right song* at the *right time* through the course of the Party. Is no fun to have a great dancing session underway, only to have something from left field show up that clears the floor. Plus, any 'rental system' could have numerous tech probs that you may not want to contend with WHILE you should be attending to your guest. After all, isn't THAT what YOU are there for? -- your Guest? You don't want to spend your time messing with Music and Knobs. In the same regard on all this, you COULD also try to sell your own home without a Pro Realtor. Again, your choice. But beware of the results and headaches. Like I said, do your homework. Caveat Emptor. But, don't just automatically think all DJs, or Bands, are only capable of High School Dances and nothing else. Some REAL Pros are out there, find them. Thanks BC Kelly BC Kelly's Music Express Tallahassee Fla bckelly.com
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