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  • Mar 17, 2008
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  • Back in 1994, Apple did make a digital camera of their own -- the Apple QuickTake. When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he killed it (rightly so), along with the Newton. Truth is, unlike with smartphones, there are many variations of user interface and features among digital cameras, so Apple's influence here would be much smaller. For most pro and semi-pro photographers, the UI is less important than the lens quality, speed, and sensor of the camera itself. For the non-pros, convenience, size, and 'good enough' picture quality are the deciding factors. My ancient Casio QV-2000UX had an incredibly simple and beautiful UI that put other digicams to shame, so it's really up to consumers to make sure they're not buying a camera on brand name or price alone. Apple owes alot of its successes to a single mantra: design something consumers never knew they wanted, then make them lust after it. Photography is a field that goes beyond electronics and design, and an Apple entry here would be too risky to the company's reputation. As well, the type of camera you're looking for (with WIFI, USB charging, easy UI) is, in fact, already available. The troubles you are having with your camera sound less like they have to do with technique or technical know-how, than the actual quality of the camera sensor, flash, and lens. Why don't you take a Canon DSLR for a spin and see for yourself.
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    What Should Apple's Next Product Be?
  • I'm afraid I have to agree with mozart. The articles on this site have, to be quite honest, gone far downhill since June. With their petty tone and attention-grabbing headlines, the articles sound like they're being written by a completely different set of writers, one who has no clue how to write clearly and fairly. I'm no fanboy -- I appreciate objective journalism, like the Ars Technica review of Leopard, for example -- but has surprisingly become the trashy tabloid of my RSS feed. Well, no longer. Good-bye and good riddance I'll stick to TUAW, thank-you very much.
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    Mac OS X Leopard: Just a Pretty Vista Knockoff