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  • I replaced the battery in my Gen 1 about 4 months ago and have not looked back. Bought the upgraded 2000MAh battery from PDA smart ( and myGgen 1 is now getting 20+ hours or up to 5 days of regular use on a single charge. It was worth the $$$$....
    baggs had this to say on Sep 25, 2004 Posts: 2
    1G and 2G iPods: The End of an Era
  • I have been accused of being a "Mac Zealot" by some, but when I had problems with my new iBook I was more than willing to send it back to Apple. Do I defend them? Yes. Do I criticize them? YES! What I can't stand is the Wintel zombies who still spout off about the Mac being dead. That is when I'll usually jump into an argument.
    baggs had this to say on Sep 06, 2004 Posts: 2
    Apple Zealots Hurt Apple