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  • "Quark XPress still provides superior control typographically and in its handling of color separation and trapping." Just not true. I've been a freelance designer for twenty years, I worked prepress for the largest printing company in the world, and I am currently working with the largest centralized creative team in the States, and though it has it's rough edges, InDesign is a stable, creative powerhouse with unmatched typographical, trapping, and color output control and it's threatening the Quark regime. Take a breath. . . I've had my share of using Quark over the years. v3.32 still the most stable. v4.11 still the most widely used version, v5-crap, v6 & v6.5 need much, much work. As for the OS itself, yeah, there is something to miss about the sheer productivity, simplicity and speed I enjoyed using OS 7 thru 9. I once ran OS 9.2.1 under heavy production using about 10 apps concurrently (quark, indesign, flash, dreamweaver, strata pro, photoshop, illustrator, word, IE, Entourage, etc.) with no crashes in a two month period of time. No shutdowns, no restarts. That was beautiful. My OS X box at home has only panicked once in the last 2 years and that was hardware related. That's beautiful, too. I love them both differently as I love apples and oranges differently. I wish for a return to simplicity where all the bells and whistles are options, not standards or necessity.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be