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  • Nov 24, 2006
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  • Thanks for this. You clould also use Emailchemy which is a swiss army knife of Mac email conversion (cheap shareware). Been using it a long time,works good.
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    AAM: Migrating from Mail 2.0 to Thunderbird 1.5
  • My wife is from a south east Asian country where Mac'a are only the province of the rich. She had vaguely heard of Apple but new nothing about the company or it's products. The first time my wife ever used my Mac I did'nt even tell her what it was, just let her sit down in front of it & ask questions. After a couple of the usual "how do I open my email..." etc questions I heard no more from her. After a week or so I asked if she wanted to keep using that machine but she declined with the comment "no, i like Mac better". After a couple of weeks of use & a few more questions answered there was no way she would touch the sole windows pc left in our posession. She had no preconceptions about Mac's & I deliberately did'nt try to influence her. Quite a few of my family have recently bought Mac's not becase I evangelised them (on the contrary, I'm way past that at my age) but because they were fed up to the eye teeth with constantly crashing Windows PC's & losing work. When they turned to me for my advice in exasperation on "what's a good computer to get" I just sighed & said "for god's sakes, buy a Mac, so you won't be ringing me all the time to retrieve lost work/ fix corrupted Windows". Natural attrition will redue the Windows monopoly, slowly but staedily.
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    What is Leopard Up Against in Vista?