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  • no. mac os x needs 512 MB to be happy. the computers should ship with that or apple should lower the system requirements by coding better or allowing users to turn off eyecandy (not possible). cool list.
  • The supply and demand on music is incredible. I would bet that the labels would sell three to four times as much music if the price were to drop in half. Another consequence of the lower prices, is that filesharing would fade away, based on the nuisance factor (when it is easier and cheaper to buy the music, that's what people will do). - Itunes music store is a good first step). At 50ó/song-$5 album I for one would certainly buy a lot more of it. The risk factor at +$10/album is just to much to justify buying a lot of lesser known artists. I've put together a [url=]list of a few places to go for great free music downloads and to learn about new artists[/url]. The emphasis is on quality, rather than free. On the other hand if the labels put prices up, you are correct, filesharing will return with a vengeance.
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    Milking iTunes for Every Penny