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  • Aug 03, 2007
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  • The delay in releasing Leopard probably had a big impact on the iPhone feature set. Notes, to-do's, reminders, and so on were all supposed to be part of of the mew Mail.app and iCal. In a couple of months (okay, three) most of those problems should be resolved.
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    The iPhone A Month Later
  • Apple released Final Cut too. Do you not think that doing so may have pissed off the makers of Premire at the time? Who was that again? Oh, yeah. Adobe.
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    Is Apple Building A Photoshop Replacement?
  • Another factor lies in a recent article that indicates that most, if not all of the iPods in existence are running OS X. So Apple already has a mobile OS currently supporting over a hundred million devices. What if they decide to license it, and take on Windows Mobile/CE and Symbian on yet another front?
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    The OS Wars Are Back
  • And isn’t Apple WAY overdue for a Bluetooth/wireless version?? Yes! Every major Apple event that comes along I wait in frustration to see them fix this major hole in their lineup. Why build every computer with Bluetooth and NOT build a good wireless mouse to mtach???
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    A Look Back at Mighty Mouse
  • I'd like a built-inmicrophone on the ipod that can do voice recording, and that also doubles as an ambient noise leveling system, pushing up the volume in noisy evironments and pulling it down when it's quiet. Be great for subway rides...
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    How Would You Improve the iPod?
  • I don't get the comment regarding HBO. Last time I checked, it was a premium channel without advertising, which means my cable fees DO pay for the actor’s salariers, props, costumes, film, cameras and directors. In point of fact, it IS paid content. Perhaps a way to monitor viewing habits is in order. I pay for cable, but spend an inordinate amount of time watching Discovery, A&E, and Bravo. Perhaps most of my money should go to the channels and shows I do watch, just as someone else would probably subsidize ESPN.
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    Who Will Pay for TV in the Future?