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  • Jul 14, 2010
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  • @Chris, I'm in the wrong demo to be a big user myself. I just happen to think it'll be popular in the 15-35 year-old set. But it's true: I LOVE almost any veggie when it's cooked well. Not that no meat need apply, but the spinach tonight w/ my Ling cod helped make the dish. And my wife had the cauliflower with morels & an egg. Heaven!
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    FaceTime? Try Rehashed Pea Salad
  • Ha! Cute! But illogical. We spent a half hour with my daughter trying to get some friend's Skype working while she was traveling in the Mideast last year. Could see her; could type; no audio. We're all pretty tech savvy. (Unfortunately, her friend with the older HP was not.) What's going to make the iPhone experience better? (1) The iPhone is all about calling to people when they are NOT sitting at a computer desk paying bills or doing email, and (2) Apple has made it as easy as pushing a button (if you can do it at all). If you don't think that's a game-changer, you're not seeing the potential for customer-focused solutions instead of tech check-lists.
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    FaceTime? Try Rehashed Pea Salad
  • Tell me, would Apple think of upgrading their older iPods in such a way?

    What you're asking for is NOT an upgrade of an older model (which, as others note, Apple has done repeatedly), but rather, a cross-grade from one product (the iPhone) to another (the iPod Touch).

    By that stellar reasoning, Zunes should've picked up the feature sets of Windows CE phones. Once again, MS screwing their customers and. We knew it when they abandoned the "Plays for Sure" customers and biz partners, without so much as a "sorry, guys; Life moves on." Ehh?
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    Why The Zune Will Outdo The iPod
  • There's no guarantee that these things feel good in any one person's ears. But a quality vendor will stand behind the suitability and usability of its products. Why not try to return these? PS: there ARE other alternatives! I have found the Etymotic 4P earplugs to have excellent sonics, to cut out external noise effectively (better on both counts than the Bose monsters) and to be so comfortable that when I want to minimize disturbances so that I can sleep on planes, I keep 'em in.
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    A Pain in the Ear
  • > ... highs are very harsh and crackly, and > there is absolutely no bass. I'm on my 4th set of Etymotic ER-4's... so I know a bit about the company & its products. These plugs let me hear my music more clearly than my home stereo, and do so even when I'm jammed next to a screaming kid in coach. (I fly weekly.) In two words, "sweet music!" I have yet to find ANY product from ANY firm that's always perfect. So I value a firm with good service. While Ety might treat purchasers of the more expensive ER-4 series nicer, they have been perfect with me. (Yes, the 4 include replacements for a problem.) Meanwhile, you are putting up (why?!?) with awful sound. There is no way that any firm would sell the POS that you describe. Certainly not one catering to high-end customers. SJohnke, Something is wrong with your approach. Either (1) you have a bad sample & the vendor should replace it post haste, (2) you need to badmouth a product to feel superior, despite how good it actually is, (3) you need to play the martyr, or (4) these plugs just don't work right in your ears & need to go back. Maybe something else. But for the cost of these phones, this discussion oughta be "how excellent," not "skanky." The Ety's should deliver for you.