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  • Jun 28, 2011
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  • Super super powerful browser... On Safari- if you touch and hold a link you it gives you a pop-up of options, not sure if you knew this. What is also great is that on Atomic you can change the browser identity to something other than Safari iPad which lets you use MobileMe and non-iPad versions of other sites. For example- MLB.com directs you to download the MLB iPad app. I already own him but I, let's say, want to watch some videos on the site, so I change the browser ID atomic sends and BAM! Emmeril can see those videos now. I think the reason that Safari is so simplistic falls in line with the whole Apple strategy. Make great products that our mothers and grandmothers can use, as well as our 4 y.o. daughters or nieces. Atomic fills the gap for hard-core users. I would easily pay $10 for this app, especially since I believe it will continue to receive excellent dev support and continue to evolve. Great recommendation and write up.
    Turleymuller had this to say on May 27, 2010 Posts: 2
    Atomic Web: the Best Web Browser for the iPad
  • Great article- I was a avid,heavy user of SOHO for sometime. I started to use Evernote some, but it totally lacked in features compared to SOHO. However, I slowly got pulled over to EN completely solely due to the cloud service and syncing to my iPhone & desktop. And I love the safari clipper. BUT, EN is still way behind in features. It sucks being split between the two, I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too. I tell you an awesome feature that I use is the bookmark notes. It is really great for tracking data from a website that is updated regularly. (top sellers, mortgage rates, product pricing etc) I create a bookmark note that loads the URL and save it as "live" then I can create archives from that note and save copies by date.
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    Why I Use SOHO Notes