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  • Aug 10, 2005
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  • Your point is perhaps somewhat valid nowadays, however I would strongly disagree with the term "Never." In 1986, I'd had a little experience with PCs, but I never got interested because it obviously needed a lot of work to master it. Then, the print shop where I worked bought a Mac, and within a couple of lunch hours of sitting down at it with no help at all, I was creating simple fliers and resumes. Those same two hours with the same amount of help (none) would have resulted in me endlessly typing in various desperate DOS prompts to no effect. It would have been impossible to intuit your way past the blinking cursor. My mom was having so much trouble with Windows 95 that I forced her to switch to Mac OS 7.5 and her learning curve increased measurably. Other friends that I've turned to Macs have similarly reported easier times of it than they expected. For myself, I was on a Mac at home, and Windows NT at work, and if I got stuck at work I found that I never was able to work through a problem with anywhere near the ease that I have always been able to do with my Mac. User interface and ease undoubtedly have a long way to go in attaining the ultimate consumer experience, but I do think there is still a great deal of evidence that Macs are easier for people to learn.
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    The Mac Has Never Been User-Friendly