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  • Oct 10, 2006
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  • Andreco, your first paragraph...they already do ( As for your second paragraph, Some how i think you had to much sugar this morning. I really don't see that happening in the next 10 yrs. What i do see happening is OSX and Linux gaining marketshare, but they will need to do some major changes to surpass Windows. The biggest boost for OSX to gain market share, is to easily be installed on the majority of hardware, not just Apple hardware. Not every has Mac hardware and not everyone needs Mac hardware. I don't see Apple getting driver support like Windows has. Linux would have to support much more hardware, software, and become less text based. Majority of people can't intuitively use Linux. Your prediction is more like fantasy.
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    How Microsoft Will Die
  • "Try asking PC users the other question - a PC without internet or a Mac WITH - that would be fun to watch too. " Consider your request granted. I'm a PC user. Don't own a Mac, don't have a urge to get one. Regarding that question, I would choose the Mac with internet. Yes of course I wouldn't be as comfortable as I would running around Windows, but I'd get used to the Mac. Not really a big deal. As for the internet vs no internet, I would obviously choose having the internet. Just because I would have the internet doesn't mean I HAVE to use it while on the island. "I really want people to focus on my question “Can you disconnect your Mac?”. If the answer is no, discuss the issue. i.e. are we too dependent on the internet? As I said, it seems to rate up there with “food, water and oxygen”. If the answer is yes, we’d love to hear your secret!" I'll rephrase this for me personally "Can I disconnect my computer"? Where i am now, no. I am dependant on the internet just like i depend on my car indirectly for food. I need a car to get to work, to make money, to buy food. Could i live without my car? Plant my own food? No, i live in an apt with no yard. Now put me on a deserted island (preferably tropical :) ) Can i live without internet? Hell ya! It's a deserted island! I don't have to pay for a thing! I don't have to be anywhere or report to anyone. Communication would not be necessary for survival or entertainment. For me and i'm going to guess most people, communication is manditory. Use it or get left behind. I think it's just another choice that drastically depends on where you live and what you do.
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    Could You Disconnect Your Mac?