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  • Nov 21, 2006
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  • You shouldn't have to look even as far back as the Puck Mouse. :P How can one say Apple doesn't release crap when they just freshly released an MP3 player WITHOUT CONTROLS? I'm facepalming again just thinking about it. From .Mac/MobileMe to the third-gen Shuffle to the bubbling cesspit of Hell that is the App Store approval process, Apple has proven, recently more than ever, that they're just as capable of screwing up as anyone else.
  • Ben; Beeb; you guys almost make me want to switch to Linux. At least then it'd be harder to find the trolls, much less the ones who have a good command of the English language, only to use it to sling insults at each other. • Beeblebrox, phrase your responses more carefully. • Ben Hall, give people the benefit of the doubt even if you think you shouldn't; assume that sometimes people pick the wrong words to express themselves and take that into account. • Both of you, quit bickering. It's pathetic and irritating.
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    Apple Zealots: Fact or Fiction?