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  • Nov 30, 2006
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  • Let me add a couple of thinking blocks to this: 1- Read Apple statement about this infection at: http://www.apple.com/support/windowsvirus/ 2- Arrogance in Apple is a Microsoft type of thing. It started when Wozniak was moved away from Corporate Staff giving ample space to $teve Jobs, and of course, $$$Gates stepped injecting about $150M on 1997, bringing -I feel- not a remedy but a managing culture style "a la Redmond". Dont give yourself that crappy "not true" sign, just visit the SEC or read: http://news.com.com/MS+to+invest+150+million+in+Apple/2100-1001_3-202143.html What does it mean? Redmond style reigns at Cupertino. Remember the burning Apple portables? or ther old Ipod batteries? Infections is part of it, too. Each day, you will see more "no see, no hear" flaws in apple as in any GatesWorld stuff. So dont get hot or angry... the great vintage Cupertino design look´n´smell is there...just remember that now apple pie is being cook mostly from rotten oranges... the important infection is not a little Ipod trojan.... You will see more and more of the Real Thing in the future..
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    The iPod Virus: Apple Arrogance