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  • Nov 07, 2006
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  • When is Apple going to release their own natural keyboard????
    MacDan2004 had this to say on Oct 25, 2006 Posts: 8
    Review: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
  • It seems if your 30 MB 4th Dimension database file changes daily, then an incremental will capture it all. I don't think Apple's incremental backups take snapshots of partial files, but will take the whole file if the file has changed. BTW, I use Backup 3.0 as well. I had a hard drive crash recently and the restore was flawless. However, I will admit I was lucky because I had never tested the restore process prior. I agree, everyone should test their restores on a regular basis.
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    Review: Apple's Backup
  • iTunes + iPod will continue to rock. It is just too easy and useful to use.
  • BTW, I have run every version of Windows since 3.1 all through the years. In November 2004 I had enough with their lame security and bought my first Mac.
    MacDan2004 had this to say on Feb 10, 2006 Posts: 8
    Microsoft Vista: Another Reason to Switch to Apple
  • Vista will do NOTHING different for security than past version of Windows. It is the same old story from Microsoft that 'this one has better security.' Yeah, right. It's not even out yet and there are viruses for Vista specifically. Get a 20" iMac, slap 2 GB of RAM in it and call it done for 4 to 6 years.
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    Microsoft Vista: Another Reason to Switch to Apple
  • One thing everyone is forgetting when they start talking about "discontinuing the Mac line" and "becoming an iPod only company" is the enormous investment Apple has in Mac only software - not to mention that one big piece called OS X. Oh, and then there is the profit margin. I am sure they make more money per sale of a Mac than they do per iPod. How much of that 2.9 billion is profit? How much of that Mac's 1.724 billion is profit? That is what defines a company.
  • I think one reason Apple does not advertise the Mac to the general public (via TV) is because people are STUPID. Apple would have to deal with a RASH of returns because idiots would not understand why they cannot install Quicken for Windows and Office for Windows and their stupid Solitaire for Windows and all their Windows based games right on the Mac. Once the Intel Macs ship and people actually will be able to do that via third party means or direct from Apple, then Apple will advertise.
    MacDan2004 had this to say on Oct 28, 2005 Posts: 8
    The Poor Little iMac, Crying For Attention
  • I own a Mac because I got sick and tired of coming home from work and having to fix my wife's PC, the kid's PC and my PC from virus attacks, spyware, etc. I got tired of fixing things that had nothing to do with malware as well. I am fed up with the Windows registry. And I wanted Garageband!!! I could find nothing quite as easy and well designed on Windows. Oh, and I have been using Windows since v3.1 and have used every version since right up to XP. Fed up! When I got an iPod in August of 2004, it was then I said, "I gotta try a Mac too." The Mac rocks!!! We bought our first in November of 2004 and loved it so much we bought two more this year! We also now have 4 iPods in the family. :-)
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    Why do you own a Mac?