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  • Feb 14, 2006
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  • AT&T Broadband went to Comcast. AT&T Wireless was absorbed by Cingular Wireless (60% owned by SBC, 40% by BellSouth). AT&T itself was just recently acquired by SBC (Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell, and a few other former Baby Bells) and the new entity was rebranded as "at&t" due to the fact that AT&T is a respected brand and just about everyone - if they are customers - hate SBC with a bitter passion. The new AT&T should be viewed with scorn just as we view the modern entity of SCO and not its original incarnation.
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    AT&T Claims MPEG-4 Patent Infringement
  • Add me to the list of former Atari STers (1040ST and Falcon). Just imagine what would have happened if Atari and Commodore would have put aside their differences and hammered out a common 16/32 bit standard shared by both companies and licensed to others? This website - Apple Matters - would still exist today, but instead of bemoaning Microsoft, it would be bemoaning the algamated standard of the combined Atari ST and Amiga platform. At least it would be a better monopoly in this case...
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    Part 1: What if Microsoft Never Existed?