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  • I'd like to add, to reply to a few posts here. If you have uninformed Mac users friends well that's just too sad, but since Mac users are a few and I guess you don't have hundreds or thousands of Mac users friend (I don't either :) ), how can you deduce that most or all Mac users are like that? Or were you talking about Mac zealots only? If you define "zealotry" as a negative thing then I fail to see the point of saying "Mac Zealots are doing negative things..." One last thing, look at the price of the current flat panel iMac, compare it with wintels offering, you'll see that it's kind of overpriced. Now a week from now do the same comparaison with the iMac G5...As Mac users we have to "suffer" from a longer product refreshement rate while in the windows world every week/month a new cheaper and more powerfull computer is introduced. Anyway I guess I'm just acting like a zealot now :)
    BuzzyBeetle had this to say on Aug 28, 2004 Posts: 3
    Apple Zealots Hurt Apple
  • The so called zealots that defend blindly Apple on everything are very few. Sure for every negative issue Apple has, out of the hundreds or thousands reacting to a news, at least a couple of Mac user will have an overly positive spin on it, denying the problem. Now you can't just add up all these skewed opinions to define "Mac Zealots" as people always blindly defend Apple. Each time, blind zealotry will affect only a few, and not always the same people. And much in the same way, everytime a problem happens at Apple you'll see tons of "non mac users" having an overly negative spin on it with skewed facts, overlooking any positive aspects or disminishing factors. A part of Mac users will often try to compensate for this negative spin by reminding the "public" about external factors and positive aspects, and will not mention the negative parts because they feel it's already said enough by other people and news outlets. Mac users are constantly forced to fight back FUD and myths about Apple so yes they can "look" like zealots to some uninformed wintel users. I guess that if being a Mac user is the only minority group you are part of, you fail to see that this kind of zealotry happens in any ostracized minority group. It's human nature, you really think that your article will educate the few thousands of Mac zealots that think Apple can't do no wrong? Like I said it's only an impression that we get, these always blind Mac users are rare. If each single Mac user defends on average 2 out of 10 negative news about Apple, it doesn't automaticaly mean that 20% of Mac users are blind zealots that defend anything.
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    Apple Zealots Hurt Apple
  • Johnny66, very good point. If it's not happening, it's for many other reasons. Now as for the article... The fact is that there is ZERO virus on Mac OS X now. How does an antivirus program protect us against future viruses? How can a program detect a non-existant virus? Mac OS X antivirus program: "We have detected that you didn't enter your admin password to allow installation of an executable in the system directory. Do you wish to delete this file?". Click Yes: "Please enter your admin password so we can remove the file." Is there something wrong with this picture?
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    The Great Mac Virus Myth