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  • May 08, 2007
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  • I've been using Macs since the late '80s, and I've used various versions of Mac Quicken since the early or mid-90s. Mac Quicken 2002 was the last version that I used with regularity. I realized that I was doing way too much work reconciling my bank accounts, so I searched for a replacement. I tried both '05 and '06 versions and found they did little more than the earlier version. Downloading from my bank account was idiosyncratic at best, and I could forget about my investment accounts. iBank and MoneyDance didn't work any better. I finally gave up. I keep a WinTel (actually AMD) box that I built running 24/7 in my office. I connect to it via MS Remote Desktop Connect (RDC) and use it to run Quicken Premier '07 (among other Windows only software packages). I prefer RDC to Parallels because its Mac footprint is extremely small, and I can connect to it from any of my Macs from (almost) anywhere in the world that I can get a fast internet connection. Why do the Intuit folks shortchange the Mac platform? Yes, it would take resources to catch the product up with the WinTel version, but once in sync, it seems like there would be synergies in having a common development path. Right now, all they do is create a bunch of bad will among Mac users.
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    Mac Personal Finance Software = Disappointment