Xserve G5 (January 2005)

Introduced: January 2005
Terminated: n/a


The Xserve G5 (January 2005) was a speed bump on the previous models. The dual processor configuration now ran at 2.3Ghz and hard disks with up to 40Gb of space allowed for 1.2Tb of storage.  A Combo drive was standard and a SuperDrive was optional.


The new Xserve G5s updated on the previous models, improving features at a modest level.


Processor: PowerPC 970fx (G5)
Number of Cores: 1
Processor Speed: single 2.0 or dual 2.3 GHz
Benchmarks: dual 2.3 GHz: 2065
Cache: 64 KB (instruction), 32 KB (data) L1, 512 KB L2
System Bus: 1.0 or 1.15 GHz
Hard Drive: 80 GB 7200-rpm
Media: Slot-loading Combo or optional SuperDrive
Rack Support: Fits EIA-310-D-compliant, industry-standard 19-inch-wide racks, including four-post racks (24 inches, 26 inches, and from 29 to 36 inches deep) and two-post telco racks (center-mount brackets included)
Weight and Dimensions (US): 33 lbs., 1.73” H x 17.6” W x 28” D
Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 15 kg, 4.4 cm H x 44.7 cm W x 71.1 cm D
Original Mac OS: Mac OS X Server 10.3 (Unlimited)
Maximum Mac OS: Latest release of Mac OS X
Hardware Test:—
Firmware: Open Firmware
Firmware Update: None
Logicboard RAM: None
Maximum RAM: 16 GB
Type of RAM Slots: 8 - PC3200 DDR400 ECC SDRAM
Minimum RAM Speed:—
Graphics Card: None
Graphics Memory:—
Built-in Display: None
Display Connection: None
Expansion Slots: 2 - PCI-X 133MHz 64-bit (1 card at 133MHz or 2 at 100MHz)
Expansion Bays: 3 - Apple Drive Module bay
Hard Drive Bus: 3 - 1.5 Gbps Serial ATA (SATA)
ADM Compatibility: 74 (10,000 RPM), 80, 250, 400, and 500 GB
Backup Battery:—
Max Watts:—
Line Voltage: 90V-264V AC
Ethernet: 2 - 10/100/1000BASE-T (support for jumbo frames)
Modem: None
Serial: 1 - DB9 (RS-232)
USB: 2 - 480 MBit/s
FireWire: 2 - 800MBit/s, 1 - 400 MBit/s (15W total power)
Fibre Channel: None
Audio In: None
Audio Out: None
History: No history information is currently available.


The Xserve G5 (January 2005), as indicated by its name, was introduced in January 2005.



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