Power Macintosh 6500

Introduced: February 1997
Terminated: Early 1998


Running a PowerPC 603ev processor at either 225 or 250Mhz, the Power Macintosh 6500 had a hard drive configurations ranging between 2 and 6Gb.  It had a 12x or 24x CD-ROM, a 1.4Mb floppy drive and an optional Zip 100 drive.  The RAM was expandable to 128Mb if the two EDO DIMM slots were used.  It had an ATI Rage IIc graphics card, 2 PCI slots, a Comm II slot, a video in and a TV tuner slot.  It hand an audio input and two audio outputs along with a built-in speaker and subwoofer.


Replacing the earlier 6400, the Power Macintosh 6500 offered a number of new features, similar to those seen in the concurrently released Power Macintosh 5500.

When a 300Mhz model of the 6500 was released a few months later, it became the first computer, Macintosh or PC, to reach 300Mhz.


Processor: PowerPC 603ev
Processor Speed: 225, 250, 275, 300 MHz
Cache: 32 KB L1, 256 KB (225, 250 MHz) 512 KB (275, 300 MHz) L2
System Bus: 50 MHz
Hard Drive: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, or 6.0 GB
Media: 12x or 24x CD-ROM, optional Zip 100, 1.44 MB floppy
Weight and Dimensions (US): 44.5 lbs., 16” H x 7.8” W x 16.9” D
Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 20.2 kg, 40.6 cm H x 19.8 cm W x 42.9 cm D
Original Mac OS: System 7.5.5 (System Enabler 411)
Maximum Mac OS: Mac OS 9.1
Firmware: Open Firmware with Macintosh ROM
Logicboard RAM: None
Maximum RAM: 128 MB
Type of RAM Slots: 2 - 168 Pin EDO DIMMs
Minimum RAM Speed: 60 ns
Interleaving Support: No
Graphics Card: ATI Rage IIc
Graphics Memory: 2 MB SGRAM
Built-in Display: None
Display Connection: DB-15 or HD-15
Expansion Slots: 2 - 7” PCI, 1 - Comm II, 1 - Video-In, 1 - TV Tuner
Hard Drive Bus: ATA
Backup Battery: 4.5 V Alkaline
Max Watts: 220 W
Line Voltage: 100-125/200-240 V
Ethernet: 10BASE-T (U.S. models)
Modem: Optional 33.6 kps
ADB: 1
Serial: 2
SCSI: 1 - DB-25
USB: None
FireWire: None
Audio In: 1 - 3.5-mm analog input jack
Audio Out: 2 - 3.5-mm analog output jacks, 1 - Built-in speaker, 1 - Built-in subwoofer


Introduced in February 1997, the Power Macintosh 6500 was discontinued early in 1998 as the new G3 line entered the market.



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