AppleColor High-Resolution RGB

Introduced: March 1987
Terminated: December 1992


The AppleColor High-Resolution RGB display had a 12.8” viewable color screen.  Capable of displaying 4,096 colors, it had a resolution of 640 x 480. 


The AppleColor High-Resolution RGB was released at the same time as the Macintosh II.  It capitalized on the new color graphic capabilities of that computer with a display that could take full advantage of them.


AppleColor High-Resolution RGB


Type: CRT (Trinitron)
Size: 13”
Viewable Area: 12.8”
Connection: DB-15
System Requirements: Macintosh computer
Integrated Audio: None
Power: 160 W
Weight and Dimensions (US): 34 lbs., 11” H x 13.5” W x 16” D
Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 15.4 kg, 27.9 cm H x 34.3 cm W x 40.6 cm D
Colors: 4,096
Viewing angle:—
Contrast ratio:—
Response time:—
Pixel pitch:—
DPI: 69
Resolutions: 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz


The AppleColor High-Resolution RGB was introduced in 1987 and in production until 1992 when it was replaced by a third generation of displays. 



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