AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet)

Introduced: November 2001
Terminated: January 2003


The second generation of AirPort Base Stations added a second Ethernet port.  This meant that the station could now support a network of up to 50 users.  It had a range of 168 ft and operated at a frequency of 2.4Ghz.  The new station supported Windows PC and had 128-bit encryption.  There was also a WAN port that allowed DSL routing.


Picking up on the success of the original AirPort Base Station, the Dual Ethernet model offered improvements to many features as well as some entirely new features.  It could also connect to America Online’s dial-up service, an exclusive feature for Apple.


AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet)


Wireless Data Rate: Up to 11 Mbps
Range: 168 ft. (50m)
Compatibility: Wi-Fi (802.11b)
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Radio output power: 15 dBm (nominal)
Supported protocols: AppleTalk, TCP/IP, NAT, DHCP, UDP, FTP, PPPoE, L2TP, DNS, IPSec/VPN Passthrough, SNMP, Telnet
Security: WEP (40-bit or 128-bit encryption)
Capacity: 50 users
Power over Ethernet: No
Ports: 2 - RJ-45, 1 - RJ-11 for built-in 56k modem
Weight and Dimensions (US): 1.65 lbs., 6.9” D x 3.2” H
Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 565 g, 175 mm D x 80 mm H


Introduced in November 2001, the Dual Ethernet Airport Base Station was discontinued with the introduction of the AirPort Extreme in January 2003.



  • Airport Base Station is one of Apple’s local area wireless networking creation. Although performing well, it was replaced by Airport extreme in 2003. And the rest is history. - Mario Romano

    Alan Shortall had this to say on Sep 10, 2011 Posts: 35
  • I think this is great when you work in a small company and you need to be connected into a network. This is the perfect choice, easy to use and very cheap. Cazare Arieseni ieftina

    selena had this to say on Oct 27, 2011 Posts: 35
  • In another train of thoughts I want to say that it is great that the software can be connected to America Online’s dial-up service. Cazare Vatra Dornei

    selena had this to say on Oct 27, 2011 Posts: 35
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