August 11, 1955: Steve Wozniak Born

by Chris Seibold on Aug 11, 2011

Steve Jobs had the marketing savvy but Steve Wozniak had the technical skills. Interested in technology at an early age Woz, as Steve Wozniak is popularly known, would go on to design the Apple I, …(read more)


The iPhone Antenna “Issue”: FUD

FUD* is one of those wonderful technology terms that is thrown around quite a bit, although not by this author. But today, observing the absurd …(read more)

Androids vs. iPhones the Battle Goes On

The iPhone 4 is taking a beating, and where will it end? Last week, Apple admitted that its iPhones had been overstating network signal strength …(read more)


X-Keys Can Speed Up Your Computer and Gaming

Computers are supposed to help you get things done faster and more efficiently, but if you're not using keyboard shortcuts or automating repetitive tasks, then …(read more)

Three iPhone Apps that Beat Apple’s Default Versions

As great as Apple software is, we've all benefited from dozens of iPhone and other iOS applications that overshadow or completely replace some of Apple's …(read more)


Feed Issues fixed

Apologies to everyone who has had issues recently with the Apple Matters rss feed. I have found the bug and fixed it....all should be working …(read more)

Mac Basics: Keeping track of flagged emails

Flagging emails in Mail for later action is all well an good, but it's also easy to lose track of them as they disapear from …(read more)