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  • Sep 08, 2006
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  • So i am the 101, thats nice, thx deepthought. Microsoft will die when, and just when, the manufacters (DELL,HP,ACER) ship their systems with other SO but windows, and that will only happend when costumers ask for it, when they strongly ask it. HARD, but the end will begin with virtualization (now on amd and intel) and when the pcs ship with at least 2 SO (windows and other,maybe some linux) when the people find other options and realize that the other work better (geeks, macs, linux and pc boys always think that all people know what an OS is, when truly more than 90% of the world does not know what is an OS, like more than 90% dont know and dont care what OS runs on their CELL phone) they will stop using windows, and the manufacters will put windows as an option (not obligation, like today), and less and less people will ask it, eventually no manufacters will sell it, and windows will become a minority (wont be erased from the world, but will become a minority just like linux today) all this will happend in a decade, maybe less.
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    How Microsoft Will Die
  • I can NOT wait for this new imac find their way to my country
  • I for one had been patiently waiting for the Mac mini upgrade, but the specs of the iMac, and especially its pricing, have put it right back into consideration for me. And I bet I’m not alone. I BET TOO, We are not alone. Take my word on this one => the next mac mini upgrade (maybe 1Q 2007) will have core 2 duo and $499 price And why apple charge $200 just for less than 200 mhz and a superdrive (wich before were a $50 add-in option) Maybe the mac mini is not dead, and wont die, but rigth now the mac mini superdrive is six feet under The mac mini superdrive is just in the limbo, not cheap as basic mac mini, not good value as an imac
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    Is the New iMac a Mac mini Killer?