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  • Sep 06, 2009
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  • 1) Windows 7 sports a high res, high color boot animation that really looks quite nice (at least on most monitors). Although you'll only see it on a screen with 768+ vertical resolution... so I'm guessing you used a cheap netbook at 1024x600 or something. Of course an even more detailed animation could be used, but doing so would mean loading a larger animation file at startup and slow down boot performance. Perhaps that's why Windows starts up faster... attention to detail and all. Oh, and someone should inform you that Snow Leopard no longer places an icon on the desktop for your hard drive on a clean install. You have to do that yourself, or as you said just use the Finder / Explorer icon in the dock / taskbar. Does that make it cooler since Apple's doing it? 2) First of all, are you suggesting that it's common for users to do clean installs of Windows? Second, are you really saying you'd rather have the disc include an outdated display driver than just have it automatically get the newest one from WU as soon as you boot for the first time? 3) Again, what kind of bizarro world are you living in? Windows *undeniably* runs faster than OS X, and every benchmark in existance will support this. Just dual boot OS X and Windows 7 on a Macbook as I used to, there's no difference for simpler tasks but a noticeable one for anything intensive. And things like Search are much faster in Windows. Also, the Finder doesn't use OpenCL - in fact I'm pretty sure nothing included in SL does. And GCD isn't an advantage over Windows since it's had a system thread pool API since Windows 2000 and has ConcRT / TLP, etc. The main difference is that Apple calls their lambda functions "blocks" instead of "tasks." That's innovation for ya! 4) Snow Leopard does NOT come with iLife, unless you buy the $160 "boxed set." You have to pay Apple to upgrade iLife every year, whereas the Windows Live Essentials are updated for FREE. Movie Maker kicks iMovie's butt, Live Mail is a great mail app, and the whole suite is getting better all the time. 5) This is just nonsense. Both platforms are pretty reliable these days, but if you follow twitter, forums, or blogs you'll clearly see people having more issues with Snow Leopard than Windows 7 (despite more people actually running Windows 7 even though it isn't even officially released yet).
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