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  • Dec 12, 2007
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  • and not a word from the author of the article.... this site has developed some serious credibility issues in the last few months.....seriously
    serveblunted had this to say on Dec 11, 2007 Posts: 8
    When Will Apple Decide Ripping DVDs Is Cool Too?
  • Gee James, another stupid, thoughtless article whereby you blatantly admit that you broke the law. Are you and Hadley having some sort of contest to see who can be the biggest idiot? Some of the stuff that Chris writes is the only reason I come to this site (and beeb's comments). Interesting to see if you attempt some sort of defence of your position. You are truly a first rate fool.
    serveblunted had this to say on Dec 10, 2007 Posts: 8
    When Will Apple Decide Ripping DVDs Is Cool Too?
  • I 100% agree with you Beeb. Extensions are what makes Firefox the cant-live-without application that it is. And kirkrr, there is a Firefox extension for just about everything you can think of. Including close buttons on individual tabs.
    serveblunted had this to say on Aug 31, 2006 Posts: 8
    Give Safari a Hand
  • But when are we going to get TV shows in the Australian iTunes store? We are about 10 episodes behind the US when it comes to Lost and believe it or not lots of us love watching the NBA here as well. It kind of goes for music as well. Quite often I find something in the US store that I can't get in the Australian store that I would definitely buy. Until labels and the big networks sort this out torrents will continue to be the best option for us poor fool 'down under'. I would rather fire up iTunes instead of Azureus but when our choices are limited you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Sorry Chris, but checking the cricket score can't be construed as time wasting in my book. And no journalist with a typewriter could keep up with Shane Warne's achievments. :)
    serveblunted had this to say on Mar 30, 2006 Posts: 8
    Why My Mac is Not My Favorite Computer
  • Hey Chris, at least you are still thinking objectively and not just jumping on "whinge, whinge my expectations are incredibly unrealistic" bandwagon. That generally goes for James's articles as well. The rest of this site I can pretty much take or leave these days. From one Australian mac zealot to another
    serveblunted had this to say on Jan 11, 2006 Posts: 8
    Lackluster Performance At The Keynote
  • Did you miss the part about the Mac book? Pretty exciting for all those who have been holding their collective breath waiting for a G5 powerbook. Have to agree with mikataur about this site as well. Seems to be on a downward slide. On a side note I although the MacBook Pro looks pretty spiffy and is '4*faster' I doubt that is the case when running Photoshop and Studio 8 applications under the rosetta emulator. Would have been nice to have the pro apps to match the pro machine. oh and Gregory "external implications downplayed" Ng, start a Microsoft blog if the future is so bleak.
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    Lackluster Performance At The Keynote
  • When talking laptop bags for the worlds best looking laptops it is hard to see how you can go past Crumpler. Although an Australian company there bags can be found worldwide. I cart my 15" inch Powerbook around in one of their "Crisp Suit" models and have to say that it is a SUPER portable computer bag. Originally designed for bike couriers they are the be all and end all in terms of both aesthetic and functional design. They also have a few days a year where the only currency accepted in their shop is beer! What more is there to say. check out their wares (and a hilarious website to boot) at
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    6 Great Bags for Your iBook or Powerbook